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Donna Daigle


Throughout my multidimensional career in broadcasting, creative arts, IT, hospitality, and entrepreneurship, my mission has always been to have a positive impact on the world and to help others discover their best self. 

Through a lifetime of experience, I have become an expert in adaptability and creative solutions. Coaching is the vehicle I have chosen to express my best self. Starting in 2010, I began my practice as a personal and professional development coach and life coach, and am now certified in 6 different coaching methodologies including: Conversational Intelligence, Behavioral Intelligence, HeartMath, Taylor Protocols Core Values, Life Focus, and DreamFire Coaching. I am passionate about helping individuals and organizations find balance, build trust, and increase creativity and growth, for greater impact in the world. 

In Practice

I believe every human being has a unique voice, a unique perspective, and a unique set of skills and experiences they bring to any given challenge, project, goal, or relationship. 

There is an innate, unchanging nature of an individual, which is different from personality and behavior.

Finding that authentic expression of "I" within the greater context of "We", will bring transformation, both on an individual level, as well as in any corporate or group dynamic. 

Conversational Intelligence®

Moving from Distrust to Trust


The quality of business depends upon the quality of its culture, which depends upon the quality of its relationships, which depends upon the quality of the conversations that build them. 


Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) uses a transformational approach that combines neuroscience and coaching. It is the next generation of “intelligences” that enables individuals to build trust more quickly, relate more effectively, and connect more deeply.

Whether a company, organization, or family has 6 members or 600, conversational dynamics are similar. To sustain business and/or personal success, conversational mastery is essential. C-IQ gives both leadership and employees the knowledge and tools to:

  •    Keep conversational stress triggers at bay, which creates conditions for positive exchanges
  •    Boost happy hormones, which improves morale
  •    Build trust, which lays the groundwork for increased productivity, smooth collaborations, business stability and ultimately, revenue growth!


When we are within 10 feet of another person, the process of “connectivity” begins. Within .07 seconds, we decide whether or not we trust someone. The instant we make contact with others, biochemical reactions begin, automatically.


Connecting Mind and Heart

C-IQ and HeartMath combine beautifully to offer insights that help us recognize what’s happening during a conversation. We can then choose our response in the moment.


HeartMath® is the only scientifically-validated system of stress intervention techniques and objective biometric feedback that quantifiably—and dramatically—boosts the health and performance of individuals and organizations.

  • 60% reduction in anxiety
  • 45% reduction in exhaustion
  • 41% reduction in intent to leave the job
  • 24% improvement in the ability to focus
  • 25% improvement in listening ability
  • 17% improvement in home/work conflict.

Ketogenics For Health!

Low-Carb for Life!

The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that forces the body to burn fats rather than carbs. 


Donna's Personal Journey,

Ms Daigle's personal keto journey began in 2016. She had put her career on hold to be the primary caretaker for her mother during the final year of her life. Following this emotional challenge, Donna was exhausted, grieving, and at a weight of over 325 pounds. She believes that understanding the neuroscience behind what she was experiencing was fundamental to finding solutions. With the help of a wonderful Funtional Medicine Doctor, Dr. John T Hart, she began the Keto Diet.


By combining the HeartMath techniques for coherence between heart and mind, changing her internal conversations with C-IQ essentials,and focusing on nutrition that was right for her body, Donna created space for greater innovation and inspiration, and she began to see changes. She has now lost 85 lbs and counting, She is completely off nine prescription meds, and is feeling better, with more energy than she has in 30 years.


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