The simple explanation is this: stop eating sugar or anything that can be converted into sugar, force your body to burn fat for fuel, and you will lose serious amounts of weight - Fast!


Last year, after wading through a prolonged and profound season of loss, I made a decision that changed my life!  I declared 2016 my ME year.  That may sound selfish, but what it really boiled down to was that I needed a season of serious self care!  As a mom and life coach, self care is a concept I have pushed but not been as good at practicing. I started taking some extra coaching classes and decided that being 150+ pounds overweight had to change.  


I've been on every diet imaginable and never had consistent results or any significant and sustainable weight loss.  I was discouraged when i was so faithful at counting calories and maintaining exercise routines only to lose 10 to 20 lbs and then gain it all back as soon at my calorie count went above 1000 calories per day! I was certain that I could gain weight just thinking about food!  What I needed was Dr. House!  I did a little research and discovered that the doctor on TV was supposed to be a Functional Medicine doctor. This was my starting point.


In May, I went to see one of 2 functional medicine doctors in my area.  I chose him because I saw lots of information on his website about alternative medicines, something to which I had always gravitated. On the first visit, he gave me bloodwork orders and testing kits for saliva, urine, and stool samples. Not to be gross but, the amount of stuff from me that was to be tested may have actually accounted for a pound or two of weight loss, in and of itself! 12 vials of blood and multiple vials of other substances later and I awaited my next appointment with my doctor.


In June, he quickly went over some of my lab work (blood work was back but the other labs were not yet) and talked to me about the Ketogenic Diet. The most prominent thing I remember from that appointment was that my insulin levels were high - very high - even though my glucose levels were normal. He gave me the name of a book and told me to get it, read it and start my life of detoxing from sugar.  This meant nothing white in my diet except coconut and a modest amount of cream! No rice, no potatoes, no flour, no oatmeal, no corn, no wheat or grains of any sort!  I was given the percentages of 65% of my diet needed to come from healthy fats, 30%  or so from proteins, and to stay under 20 grams of carbohydrates per day. And he started me on some probiotics, omega 3's and a combination supplement that helps with sugar metabolism. I was instructed to refrain from exercising and not to test my Ketone levels yet.


I ordered the book, and started reading it online.  I told my family the changes I was making in my eating and let them know I was no longer going to be cooking anything but meats and the allowed vegetables on my diet.  The next few days were interesting.  by day 3, I had a headache, by day 7, I was beginning to feel the effects of what I now understand, was a slow detox. Except for me, it was not that slow.  Without grains in my system, my intestines were less inflamed and able to process food at a much higher rate! Being constipate for most of my life, this was novel, if slightly necessitating more careful planning for time away from home.


By my next appointment in July, I had already lost 15 pounds!  I was excited and VERY motivated!  During this visit, I learned that my body was not producing a key enzyme used in metabolizing nutrients, called Lipase.  Apparently, either due to genetics or prolonged poor health, my liver was not producing any.  My doctor explained to me that without this enzyme, my digestive system could not metabolize any of the nutrients contained in fats. Lots of nutrients are fat soluble!  My nutritional numbers were appalling! Add more supplements to the list to start dealing with the malnutrition.


My next appointment was in September.  By then I had lost 40 pounds and the level of pain I was experiencing had decreased by 80%.  I was astounded how good I felt and how much energy I had.  It was during this appointment that he told me how bad my numbers were for heart problems. He had been so concerned that he had asked me not to exercise to not put any more strain on my heart.  My cholesterol was not crazy high, it was about 160, and my blood pressure was within normal range at 122/80.  It was my C-reactive Proteins at 9+ that were scaring him! Apparently, I was a time bomb! (my last bloodwork came back last week and it was at 1.1 – the low end of average risk – yay!)


I learned a lot during that appointment. My next one was in November and I was released to start walking for exercise. Each moth has been a new learning adventure. Each month has been close to a 10 pound drop in weight, although the last few months have slowed. I have started using a Ketone monitor now and I am much more aware of what is throwing me out of ketosis from day to day.  I expect to see those 2-digit pound drops per month as I start my membership at a local gym.


If you’d like to know more, please feel free to contact me!  And if you’d like someone to walk with you on your weight loss or wellness journey, I’d love to be your coach! I do limit the number of coaching clients I take on. As of this writing, I have a couple of individual wellness coaching slots open. I’d love to hear from you!