Passion truly is a popular word today. It is the spark that sets your engines running, ignites your business, your marriage, your community.

As a leader, having passion is what got you to where you are. It is what others recognize as worthy and invites them to follow. And when passion is missing, your heart is no longer in something, things seem stale, lacking in drive, motivation, life.

It may be time to rekindle your passion.
I can help.


Check out this article from Lynda Shaw in Forbes Magazine.

Here's the best news: We have so much more control over our sense of passion and our sense of happiness then we ever knew.  We can choose our emotional orientation and create a mindset that can actually shift our reality. Positive thoughts really DO lead to positive outcomes. Shawn Achor said, in the Harvard Business Review, "In a meta-analysis of 225 academic studies, researchers Sonja Lyubomirsky, Laura King, and Ed Diener found strong evidence of directional causality between life satisfaction and successful business outcomes."


If your business no longer seems like it is an extention of who you are, or worse, you can't remember who you are, let's talk!

If you are having difficulty seeing the positive in your current reality, let's talk!

Through discovery tools such as the CVI and DISC assessments, through focusing tools such as HeartMath and centering, through skill-building methodologies including Conversational Iintelligence, Behavioral Intelligence, and Dreamfire, together we can co-create a road map to your highest and best contribution.

Together, we can find that sweet spot where passion and profit align.