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So What's With All of the Fractals?

Fractals are a visual representation of a mathematical function that is part of Chaos Theory. Chaos theory is a way of looking at systems that can be very sensitive and very complex. The main idea behind chaos theory is that a minor difference at the start of a process can make a major change in the system as time progresses. Some systems might appear to be quite random, but chaos theory says that these kinds of systems or patterns may not be.

Fractal is, in simplest terms, any form that is comprised of other forms that look like the form itself. The word stands at the intersection of natural mathematics and philosophy. Metaphorically, we can view human systems as fractals, both internal and external. Many times we look and see what appears to be chaos all around us; in our world, in our country, in our work, in our community, in our home, and even in our own minds. And it is in our own mind/spirit where we make that small change and can effect the greater communities.

Using the metaphor of fractals in leadership, there are seven characteristics that emerge in the leader that are recursive in the organizations, teams, and families. They can be seen in the following rubric:

F – Fearless
R – Responsive
A – Appreciative
C – Collaborative
T – Transparent
A – Adaptable
L – Lucent

Fractal Leadership Coaching supports the journey of a leader in finding the order and the beauty within the chaos.