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Coaching and Consulting Services

For Businesses, Families, and Individuals

Fiery Heart Solutions will partner with you to navigate the best possible path for mutual success for your business, your personal development, or your home life. We can co-create solutions for all of your needs. We work with leaders and teams to shift the culture for higher trust, creativity, and production.  We use a revolutionary new assessment platform from Cloverleaf that makes the invisible visible!

It is about the embodiment of all the amazing unique properties that make you, you, and bringing them to bear in your work, your family, your community. Finding that authentic expression of “I” within the greater context of “We” will bring transformation and integration, both on an individual level, as well as in any corporate or group dynamic.


Through strategic partnerships with Cloverleaf®, Conversational Intelligence® Certified Coaches,  HearthMath®, and others, we can co-create solutions for all of your business needs, from HR challenges, to lagging sales, to management burnout. We work with leaders and teams to shift the culture for higher trust, creativity, and production. We can help you put every person in the right seat doing the right work.


We can help you discover balance between work and home, discover your unique approach to health, and position you for your highest and best contribution in life.
Making a connection between mind, heart,and body with tools based on research in neuroscience and bio-metric feedback energy management techniques, can greatly reduce stress, build resilience, and unlock the heart’s natural intuitive guidance for making better choices.

Family Dynamics

Every human being has a unique voice, a unique perspective, a unique physiology, and a unique set of skills and experiences they bring to any given challenge, project, goal, or relationship. Finding what works best in each family is a passion! We can provide tools and techniques to engage with your family in new and meaningful ways.